Why We Are Called Charismotive02.24.21

The Aqueduct was an essential invention in the ancient world. It allowed for irrigation and the expansion of empires. In arid regions such as Iran it was more difficult to transport water above ground, and therefore a series of underground aqueducts were constructed. These were known as Qanat or Kariz. The tunnels would carry water for miles protecting it from evaporation thus aiding in developing the ancient world.

A Kariz in Iran.

Deciding on a company name is a difficult task. You would like it to reflect the company culture and objective. Although Charismotive can be broken down into two words, Charisma and Motivation, it was actually the transliteration of Kariz from the original Farsi that inspired the name Charismotive. After all, our company culture and objectives are greatly reflected in this ancient innovation. We provide pragmatic and solid engineering solutions that overcome barriers.

The name Charismotive has now come to have a double meaning, but we see it as originally intended. As the Kariz was essential to growing crops, we hope to be an essential partner for growing your business.

Finishing Projects02.10.21

The days are getting longer, which means it’s time to do spring cleaning and tackle unfinished projects.

Spring is on the way.

When we started last year, we did so with a passion for our work and an understanding of the dynamic industry we had entered. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to inspire a solution, or a meeting to take a project through to completion. Uncovering the genius of your creation may be as simple as explaining it to someone else.

Getting discouraged happens to all of us, but we’re hoping we can help you get the job done. Find your motivation this spring by teaming up with Charismotive. We’re looking forward to longer days, sunshine and an opportunity to help you with your next project.

The Charismotive Solution01.27.21

Dave has a great idea. It involves integrating smart sensor technology into a home appliance. Dave knows manufacturing, business and sales. What he doesn’t know is how to create a human-machine interface control. He would like AI integration, and he needs it next month. Dave has a problem, so he contacted Charismotive. Charismotive generated blueprints, worked with his existing prototype and produced a solution, before the deadline.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as the Charismotive team. We are an engineering consultation company passionate about innovation. Charismotive wants to work with you to produce the right solutions. As a network of experts, we have the knowledge and motivation to significantly contribute to the success of your next project. We have recently completed three projects and are confident in our ability to handle whatever great idea’s you have. As we support new and innovative ideas, we offer free consultations.

Whatever your engineering problem, there is The Charismotive Solution.