Charismotive Technologies is a network of engineers and scientists that provide quick and affordable solutions to industrial problems and innovation challenges.

Embedded Control

With a mix of expertise in programming, electrical hardware and digital control techniques, Charismotive can provide solutions in automation, Internet of Things, human-machine interface and intelligent control. We can make things smarter by embedding small computers in industrial and household devices.

Mechanical Design

Need automated mobility, dexterity and agility in doing tasks? Our experience in design of robots and other mechanical hardware will help. Define the requirements and receive a list of conceptual solutions. We pick one or two of them together and proceed with detailed design and prototyping. Need industrial design or an exciting new render? We can do that too!

Power Electronics

If there are motors to be driven, batteries to be charged, power to be generated from renewable sources or voltage levels to be converted, our Charismotive team could not be more excited! Selection of topologies, designing components, PCB and embedded control are all offered by our experts.

About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting company with strong industry experience and academic background.

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